The Ultimate Game on Planet Earth


The World's Most Exciting Entertainment!!!



The Game

Imagine yourself moving through a darkened fog-filled multi-level playing field while avoiding opposing team fire.  The air is filled with driving music, lights are flashing, and your senses are at their highest.  Your objective: tag as many opposing players as possible while avoiding being tagged.   The satisfaction of seeing the other players' helmet lights turn yellow as you and your team tag them grows with each shot as your own team works it way over to the opposing base.  Crossing the length of the field, you finally reach the base.  Right as you take aim, three opposing players step out from the shadows and ambush your group.  You are forced to retreat and come up with a new strategy. 

... A female voice announces, "Disperse to exit, disperse to exit", and you head back to the airlock.  You congratulate your opponents on a well played game while challenging them to another round.


Everyone playing Photon must be a minimum of 7 years old AND at least 47 inches tall.
Minimum requirements will be strictly enforced.