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1st TV Episode of Photon

This is the first episode of the Photon TV show .  It has been downloaded and posted on YouTube and Beamsport, so I just put a link up to save some bandwidth on this site.

Zipped Archive of Photon CD

This is a zipped up archive of my Photon CD.  It has the original music, pod sounds, lots of pictures, etc.   To download, right click on the above link and save to disk.  To use it, you will need some version of Winzip to extract.

Pod Test Rom

This is the test rom that you can put in your pod and fire it up without a radio or entry terminal.  Just right click and save.  You will need to be able to burn your own eproms to use this.  If you don't have a burner, contact me and I will try to help.


Everyone playing Photon must be a minimum of 7 years old AND at least 47 inches tall.
Minimum requirements will be strictly enforced.